Lads v Lasses 11th November, 11 Point Challenge

As we are back in lockdown and can’t meet as a club, we thought it was time to have another Lads v Lasses lockdown challenge and give the Claremont men one last chance to redeem themselves in 2020.

As the ladies have shown that they can run further, climb higher and spell better, we have tried to come up with a different formula that might give the men a chance.

As it was launched on Armistice Day, the 11th day of the 11th month, the challenge is based loosely on the number 11. One point is scored for each of the 8 tasks completed in the timescale and there is a 3 point bonus for completing all 8, meaning that each person can score up to 11 points for their team.

The 8 tasks are:

1. Run 11K (walk a bit if you have to!)
2. Run 1.1 miles without leaving the street
3. Run up and down a hill 11 times (it doesn’t have to be a big hill)
4. Complete a run of at least 11 minutes by 8:49am (ie 11 minutes to 9)
5. Complete 11 runs in the 2 weeks
6. Take a mid-run photo of a duck (so that, to use a cricketing analogy, the men can break their duck – it is also what most men scored in the pub cricket!)
7. Run with a friend (because we still can!)
8. Take a mid-run photo of something sky-blue (because we are Claremont)

Starting from 12th November, participants have until the end of the day on Wednesday 25th November to complete the tasks and score points for their team.
Only one task per run, ie each run can only score one point.

Download a scorecard here.

Tom Tinsley -