11 Point Challenge Result

Well, once again, the Claremont ladies came out on top in the November 11 point challenge. The Lasses scored a resounding 136 to 79 victory to make it 4 wins out of 4.

However the result is not without controversy. Men’s Team Captain, Tom Tinsley, does not accept the result and will be launching various legal suits over the next few days. Tom said “The challenge was obviously rigged and it is clear that the men were the real winners. Strava, Fakebook and the rest of the fake news, lamestream media demonstrate a clear gender bias and tell lies. It is obvious that some of those ducks weren’t real and skies were painted blue after the run was over! Ladies were running up and down streets that don’t exist on any map and their so-called hills were flat! The men won – everybody knows! Ladies are LOSERS!”

Tom Tinsley -