England Athletics Virtual Relay, January 2021

England Athletics joined the virtual relay community with their own inter-club competition. Individuals had to run their own 5 mile course and provide evidence from a GPS device such as Strava. There was then one team per club with the fastest 4 men and the fastest 4 women counting.

They chose a tricky time of year for fast running, with snow and ice making it difficult to find a time when it was safe to let yourself go! However, 6 Claremont men and 4 ladies still managed to get out and form a team. It may not have been the fastest squad ever assembled in sky blue colours, but it is the taking part that counts!

Kris Axon28:43
Jason Hall30:43
Tom Tinsley33:39
Chris Jones34:50
David Lydall (Non-counter)36:13
Nina Jensen39:18
Luke Woodend (Non-counter)39:36
Tara Hipwood45:06
Lena Webster-Costella48:07
Gill Milne51:52
Tom Tinsley -