Monday & Wednesday Club Runs

As lockdown restrictions ease, the club sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays are able to become more “normal”. Monday evening sessions once again start at 6pm, with the slowest groups going first and we are now having groups of up to 12. Wednesday’s intervals are organised as a single group, though activities may be done in smaller packs.

As Sports Central is still closed, we continue to use the bandstand in Exhibition Park as our meeting point and base, though some interval sessions will start at different locations.

We are using Spond as the means of managing the groups for both Monday runs and Wednesday intervals, primarily for track and trace purposes. If you have not yet signed up to Spond, please do so or ask one of the team captains to do it for you. If you are wanting to run with us as a guest, then please let us know via the Contact Us form on this website so that we can make sure you are allocated a suitable group.

Don’t forget that social distancing guidelines still apply at all times and please be aware of the impact that a group of people running through the streets may have on members of the non-running public.

If you can’t make it to the club sessions, we are still publishing a rota of suggested interval sessions – see the Wednesday planner. Please make use of the resources.