parkrun returns, 24th July 2021

Much to the delight of most of the running community, parkrun is back! Though I think turnouts were generally lower than pre-pandemic levels, there was a good number of Claremont Road Runners, both volunteering and running, across the North East events.

Rose Hawkswood was race director at our very own, and very local, Leazes parkrun and was assisted by 7 sky blue volunteers plus Chris Carr (former Claremonter, currently injured) and Charlotte Kerr (future Claremonter if her mother has any say in it!). As for the runners, there was a double first for the club, thanks to Kris Axon and Sarah Kerr – 1st overall and 1st lady respectively. Both Kris and Sarah returned with PBs, as did Alan Dunning.

There was more Claremont success over in Jesmond Dene where Isabel Neatrour was 1st lady. Well done, Izzy!

16:22Kris Axon (PB, 1st)
19:49Ben Hardy
20:09Sarah Kerr (PB, 1st female)
20:49Catherine Young (2nd female)
23:04Laurie Johnson
23:55Alan Dunning (PB)
24:27Mungai Wairia
24:31Julie Cross
Town Moor
18:31Mark Anderson
22:22Gordon MacFadyen
23:23Brian Hegarty
37:01Elizabeth O’Mahony
22:03Paul Robinson
37:23Dave Manners
Jesmond Dene
23:54Isabel Neatrour (1st female)
26:29Luke Woodend
33:45Kenny McCormick
26:26Marie Slack

Tom Tinsley -