Durham Coastal Half Marathon 25 July 2021

Durham Coastal Half Marathon 25 July 2021

The National Trust had originally organised this race. But due to COVID the race had been postponed and responsibility for organising switched to the Trail Outlaws.   

Trail Outlaws did a good job, the race was well organised, marshalled, and signposted.  There was even a COVID safe bus back from the finish to the start.

The route along the coast from Seaham to the south was lovely.  The cliff top coastal views were interspersed with travels into and out of the denes along the away.  Much if not all the areas we ran through are looked after by the National Trust.

The weather was pretty good for running, not as warm as its been of late, a little wind, and cloud to keep the sun off our faces.  The route was particularly tough because of the all denes it crossed, with associated ups, downs, ins and outs.  

I was finished at just under 2 hours and came 46th of the 301 runners.  The only minor incident was stumbling across a wasps’ nest as we walked uphill at one point.  I got away with a single sting, others had more.

It was the first race I’ve encountered with a rolling start, which worked well.  Once I’d picked up the number and I could start running.    This rolling start meant there were plenty of runners ahead to beat the path down and incite the wasps.

The finish was accompanied by a bottle of beer, a bottle opener/medal and shirt (2020 vintage). Highly recommended for next year.

Dave Lydall

David Lydall -