3 parkruns, 3 countries

Julie Cross has been touring around parkruns.

I am not a parkrun bagger, not even close, only clocked 31 to date, but I can lay claim to 3 in 3 countries – the first in each of those countries post lockdown. Is that a record? I’ll take it if so. 

Parkrun  no. 1: Leazes Park, 24th July. Do we all have a bit of a soft spot for this one? It’s like that old shoe you put on and know what’s what, always some familiar faces marshalling and/or running, and Rose gets the prize for the best of the three reintroductions to parkrun, certainly the most enthusiastic.

Parkrun no. 2: Thurso, Caithness, 14th August. Also three laps, 9.30 start, I guess to cater for the late sunrise up there in winter. This marked the end of two weeks’ hillwalking and cycling and the very kind race director took my details even though I didn’t have my barcode: never leave home without one.

Parkrun no 3: Deganwy, North Wales, 21st August. The biggest attendance of the three. I noticed they didn’t ask if there were any tourists, by now down to Staycation fever, everywhere is full of them. This is a cracker, with a full view of Conwy castle for much of the run, but also some horrid steps over the railway line.

D’you know what they all had in common by a mile…or a marathon? That quiet feel good factor. Ben Hull, if you are reading, you might recall saying to me one Sunday morning at the Durham relays, words to the effect of: you take a look round and think, the world is a pretty good place really. 

David Lydall -