Beer mile, 27th August 2021

Rose reports on the beer mile race she organised and won!

Gather round everyone and I’ll tell you the story of the beer mile! 

On a warm August Friday evening the Runners gathered after a long week of work to celebrate a long weekend. The ‘runners’ were gathered waiting for a sign from the Beer Gods to start the race.

The ‘gun’ went off due to one of Luke’s cans springing a leak. So, cans cracked and beer was being taken!

On the first can Luke and Sonam were speedy drinkers, and eagerly off on the run, followed by my tactical burping, and Alice and David followed knowing this is really a fable. 

The second beer is where the race really started, I say that because it’s when I went to take the lead. I was closely followed by Luke and Sonam who were both running faster, and still eager for the victory.

On the 3rd beer I was able to gain a good lead in the drinking. Alice and David were in their own race and neither were going to lose, because they were having fun. 

Now then, my recollection of the order of events starts to get a little wobbly from here on in. I know Rob appeared on the horizon and started his delayed beer mile, I think this occurred on my 4th can. Which is also when other things did not happen during my tactical burping. 

I do know I finished the 4th can with good time for the last loop, so Drunk Rose decided to go for it. It’s only 400m. Drunk Rose took a walking break at 300m because yes she over did it. Although to her horror Sonam was on the chase so a 90m run to the finish line to take the ‘win’. Closely followed by Sonam, who I think on a technicality is the true winner. 

In the meantime Rob, Alice and David looked like they were having a great time enjoying a few beers in the fresh air. 

What is the moral to this tail, I do not know! Hopefully I’ll find out next year…

David Lydall -