Sunderland Urban Ultra, 6th November 2021

For some runners, a marathon just isn’t far enough!  NIna Jensen, Marie Slack and Dave Wotton all fall into this category and so took on the 36 miles of the Sunderland Urban Ultra.  In Nina’s words:

“Marie and I completed the Sunderland Urban Ultra today.  Organised by the Strollers who’s cheerful friendly marshals are only second to ours.  They even were ready with bags at the end to put our muddy shoes in! miles of trails in testing windy conditions.  Bonus kudos to Marie for running right past her house with about 5 miles to go and not just deciding to finish.  Bet that took some mental strength!!  Support around from Mr Slack who seemed to appear just at the right points with cups of tea and lots of cheer. Dave Wotton was also there at the start, but was walking as he’s still injured so not sure how far he got.”

Indeed, despite still carrying an injury, Dave did walk approximately 20 miles of the route.

Well done to all three.