Sherman Cup / Davison Shield, 12th February 2022

Though part of the North Eastern Harrier League season, this is a stand-alone event with prizes being awarded to the club that achieves the best results over all the categories from juniors to veterans (Sherman Cup for the men, Davison Shield for the ladies).

Unlike the Harrier League, there are separate categories in the main races for senior and veteran teams with the first three in age group counting. Unfortunately, we only had sufficient numbers for a team in one category – Veteran Women, where we had an impressive 8 runners!

On a very windy day, there was a top-ten finish in the Ladies race with 8th place for Sarah Kerr, who won a medal as 3rd veteran. Sarah is having a great season and she was well supported in the ‘A’ team by Catherine Young (23rd) and Nicki O’Brien (90th). The ladies were a very creditable 7th place in the veteran’s standings, 12th overall.

The ‘B’ team of Liz Denyer, Julie Cross and Hazel Juggins were 43rd overall, with Tara Hipwood and Mary Rack forming an incomplete ‘C’ team and Kenny McCormick running as an over 65 male.

We only had two finishers in the men’s race – so well done to Alex Harding and Martin Jobling for flying the flag. Rob Newton also ran but was disqualified as he only ran two laps!

Hazel Juggins sent us these observations on the day:

“Relentless wind was the main feature of the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield event at Temple Park, South Shields. The challenge of the run was equalled if not exceeded by the challenge of erecting and dismantling the tent, which unfortunately suffered some damage as it came adrift from its moorings in several places. The course was mostly dry and grassy with only a few muddy patches and included some short, sharp hills, to keep us on our toes. It was varied enough to cause a bit of confusion about where the finish was for those of us new to it: the finish flags loomed into vision only to be swept away again while we completed a last long loop of the field. The course layout meant that supporters did not have to venture far from the tent and it was well organised, if a bit behind schedule, with good support from marshals on the way round. We all had a good run and first prize in the ‘after-party’ went to Catherine’s amazing rice krispie cakes.”

8 (3rd vet)Sarah Kerr25:58
23Catherine Young26:58
90Nicki O’Brien29:46
118Liz Denyer30:55
138Julie Cross31:31
184Hazel Juggins33:41
196Tara Hipwood34:17
216Mary Rack35:10
299Ken McCormick43:47
299Alex Harding46:12
362Martin Jobling56:50
Disq.Rob Newton
Tom Tinsley -