parkrun, 19th March 2022

Spring has sprung and it was a lovely, sunny morning for a parkrun. There was definitely a spring in the steps of Maddie Day, Anthony Liddle, Fred Besse and Martin Jobling as they all recorded PBs. We think that Laurie Johnson may have established a record of other sorts – for the slowest tail walk ever at Leazes Park! Laurie (and the other volunteers) were certainly glad that it was a nice day.

Sky Blues were not just to be found all around the North East, but also in Austria where Nina Jentl ran on a trip to her homeland.

Town Moor
21:22Heather Steel
22:13Mungai Wairia
23:53Clare McKitterick
27:02David Devennie
29:50Brian Hegarty
Prudhoe Riverside
27:31Roberto Marzo
Whitley Bay
22:19Nicki O’Brien
Rising Sun
20:20Mark Anderson
23:05Maddie Day (PB)
Druridge Bay
19:37Anthony Liddle (PB)
Tyne Green
24:48Richard Slack
26:33Marie Slack
21:06Sonam Wangdi
23:14David Lydall
23:34Fred Besse (PB)
23:39Julie Cross
24:54Alan Dunning
25:55Martin Jobling (PB)
26:24Tara Hipwood
29:32Alice Vialard
61:28Laurie Johnson (Tail Walker)
Jesmond Dene
22:08Chris Jones
25:28Luke Woodend
Donaupark, Vienna
26:50Nina Jentl
Tom Tinsley -