Brighton Marathon, 10th April 2022

Lena Lou went down to the south coast to run the Brighton marathon. This was how she summed it up:

“Despite being forecast rain and clouds the 10th of April turned out to be a glorious sunny hot day – which I was definitely not prepared for so I was very happy with a 5:53:35 finish time.

Brighton marathon was a lovely mostly flat route with only 3 real inclines to speak of, the first being the from the start line. Starting up at Preston Park after the 10k runners started, the route went through the town centre, along the coast, back towards hove and finally down to Brighton Pier to the lively event village. Much like the final mile of the GNR lasting forever, the final 5km running along the coast back to the Brighton Pier felt like the longest leg of all…

I thankfully had company all the way up until mile 12 so the first half went very quickly, however I could almost hear Tom telling me off for nattering too much!

Due to their attempts to be eco friendly (filling paper cups from plastic bottles) staying hydrated in the heat was near impossible, but I managed to steal a bottle half way around (tehe) and it went a lot smoother from there!

Definitely worth the trip down south!”

As if I would ever tell her off! Lena finished in 5:53:34. Well done!

Tom Tinsley -