Team Captain’s Award, 2021-22 Season

The Team Captain’s Shield is a new club award to acknowledge participation in relays and cross-country, i.e. representing Claremont Road Runners in inter-club competition.

It  is presented each year to somebody that the Team Captains deem to have made a great contribution to the club. This could be by performance, consistency (i.e. running in most events), the runner showing most improvement, the member providing excellent support (e.g. always offering lifts, making cakes, erecting the tent etc) or just being an enthusiastic club representative. The recipient will be chosen at the end of the cross-country season.

Hazel and I, as last year’s Team Captains, were delighted to choose Grace Scott as the first ever winner. Though too young to train with us, Grace was the only Sky Blue to run in all 6 Harrier League events, dragging her mother out even when her dad couldn’t run.  She runs without team mates and gets very little on-course encouragement as her race always overlaps with the ladies race.  She is a keen and enthusiastic runner and a valued presence on the day – she has even been known to act as babysitter helping to look after other, younger, Claremont kids.

Grace received the Shield, a medal to keep and a box of Celebrations at the social after the club handicap.  Well done, Grace!

Tom Tinsley -