Clive Cookson 10K, 18th May 2022

Thanks to Howard MacLennan for this report of the Clive Cookson 10K, where he and Sarah Kerr were the Claremont representatives:

“We arrived at the very outstandingly designed Monkseaton High School, and at that time the conditions appeared fair and reasonable. The field of elite Club runners was stacked, especially new and old wanting to get a PB. This was going to be Sarah Kerr’s first attempt at the course, and my fourth.

Sarah was mentioning her many numerous competitors, and her recent experiences against them. I noticed they spotted us too, but I think they respected Sarah’s racing pedigree.

Sarah’s first attempt of the twice three-mile loop was outstanding, placed 8th Lady, 78th overall at 40:44, just missing out on breaking the 40-minute barrier. I would say it was quite tight in the ladies between 4th and 10th, with a few position changes during the race. Sarah prefers the Town Moor 10k than the Clive Cookson 10k. The slight first mile incline and the slight head wind going into the 3rd mile, was not a favourite. But everyone was in the same boat, and Sarah did the first mile in 6:27, and that hill is far easier than Claremont Road.

For me, I am still recovering, and my only goal was to get around the course efficiently as possible. The only dramas I had was Harry Styles ‘As It Was’ song popping into my head. I really must stop watching Instagram videos, but it may have helped me coming in at 184th at 47:17. Not my fastest, but I’ll take it. “

78th (8th female)Sarah Kerr40:44
183rdHoward MacLennan47:14
Tom Tinsley -