Blaydon Race, 9th June 2022

Oh me lads, you should’ve seen us gannin’
Passing the folks along the road
Just as they were stannin’
Aal the lads and lasses there
Aal wi’ smilin’ faces
Gannin along the Scotswood Road
To see the Blaydon Races

And some of wu were gannin canny fast too, mind! It’s nee surprise that wor Kris ran geet quick to finish 34th, but have we got fast lasses too? Why aye, we have! Wor Sarah and wor Catherine had proper good runs to finish in the top 20. Howay the lasses!

It was a lush neet for the 40th Blaydon Race, and most of wu had a reet good time and scoffed the well-earned Geordie grub and necked the well-earned Blaydon beer at the end. It made me reet proud to be a Claremont Road Runner, but divvent mention the al’ gadgie race, or ah’ll gan aal radgie, like! Ah know that ah shudda won, but there’s nowt ye can de if them buggers at UK Athletics give prizes on position not chip time!

With apologies to the real Geordies, but I have only lived here for 32 years so I am still learning the language! If any of more articulate runners are willing to furnish us with a race report in the Queen’s English**, then that would be most appreciated.

** Or any language really! French? Italian?

I have put our results in time order, which is different from our race positions.

PositionRunnerChip Time
34Kris Axon33:02
212Paul Robinson38:39
209Roberto Marzo38:48
218Sarah Kerr39:02
226Catherine Young39:12
288Tom Tinsley40:08
447Laurie Johnson42:34
443Lucas de Rosa42:38
485Heather Steel43:16
518Maddie Day43:43
534David Lydall43:58
564Izzy Neatrour44:20
550Nicki O’Brien44:23
657Howard MacLennan45:23
762Dean O’Brien46:46
1043Liz Denyer48:08
1001Richard Slack49:22
1080Brian Hegarty49:38
1607Clare McKitterick50:15
1488Michael Teasdale50:46
1228Luke Woodend51:52
1928Tara Hipwood53:01
1706John Bell54:19
1555Kat Truong54:21
2710Lena Lou61:26
2800Cath Robson62:47
2908Rose Hawkswood64:42
2986Elizabeth O’Mahony66:58
Tom Tinsley -