Northumberland Coastal Run, 14th July 2022

It was an early start and a revised route for the return of this beautiful run down the Northumberland coast. The run had been refused permission to run all the way across Beadnell Bay on the beach, due to the need to protect the breeding Little Terns at Long Nanny. So we started some 400m down the beach to spread the runners out before the narrow exit and even narrower path through the caravan site and onto the coastal path. MInd you, this was the only 400m where we had the wind behind us – we then ran into a strong headwind for the next 14 miles! The route was also amended further on to keep us off the road and on the coast path – adding more distance on trails. I am also sure that it made it more undulating!
I think it is fair to say that everybody found the conditions to be tough. There was also a general feeling that, commendable though the use of paper cups instead of bottles for water is, the price of saving the planet was a lot of very dehydrated runners! But we all survived to tell the tale and headed for food in the village, followed by a very enjoyable time in the lovely beer garden at The Red Lion. I almost felt human again after a BLT and a pint. Very soon I will have forgotten the pain of the last mile or two along the beach and will be looking forward to next year. Gotta love the Coastal Run … surely there isn’t a more beautiful run in the country.

14Kris Axon1:35:50
37Roberto Marzo1:43:20
95Tom Tinsley1:54:58 (1st M65)
210Maria Duenas2:07:15
228David Lydall2:09:35
230Sarah Kerr2:09:35
231Catherine Young2:09:40
236Isabel Neatrour2:09:58
347Clare McKitterick2:21:44
348Nicki O’Brien2:21:48
476Maddie Day2:33:23
495Nina Jentl2:35:21
536Hazel Juggins2:40:00
568Alan Dunning2:44:11
607Janet Palmer2:50:00
615Mary Rack2:50:38
657Tara Hipwood3:00:24
664Ay Okpokam3:00:55
676Marie Slack3:02:41
715Cath Robson3:12:06
Tom Tinsley -