parkrun, 30th July 2022

Strangely, Claremont was only represented at two of the North East parkruns this weekend – Leazes and Jesmond Dene. This was probably due to two factors – there was no run on the Town Moor and a large group of us went to Jesmond Dene in order to help Julie Cross and Sarah Kerr celebrate their 50th parkruns. Fred Besse and David Devennie helped themselves to PBs at the Dene too. There were PBs at Leazes for two of our newer members, Yue Zhao(Joyce) and Shilpa Iyanna.

Alan Dunning and Alex Harding were on the tourist trail – Alan at York and Alex at Vogrie parkrun, north of the border in bonny Scotland.

Jesmond Dene
21:42Niki Szlovak
23:03Fred Besse (PB)
23:11Lucas de Rosa
23:54Isabel Neatrour
24:01David Devennie
24:57Julie Cross
26:00Margaux Robin
26:11Kris Axon
26:12Sarah Kerr
26:24Tom Tinsley
26:32Maddie Day
26:46Arthur Liu
27:51Luke Woodend
29:12Tara Hipwood
29:24Mariana Mouzinho
33:34Kenny McCormick
39:26Mary Martin
24:40Alan Dunning
27:04Alex Harding
21:20Ben Hardy
22:00Chris Jones
24:17Clare McKitterick
25:18Martin Jobling
25:26Brian Hegarty
33:36Shilpa Iyanna (PB)
33:52Yue Zhao (PB)
35:23Elizabeth O’Mahony
51:00Laurie Johnson (Tail Walker)