Wooler Trail Marathon, 5th November 2022

Simon Lowe was on the Wooler Trail on Saturday morning, competing in the marathon race.

Organisers Trail Outlaws describe the course, set in the heart of Northumberland National Park, as including “some of the best views in the country, if not the world”, as well as having “many undulations along the way, with just over 6000 ft. ascent”.

Simon rose admirably to this lofty challenge, finishing 26th from a field of 178 runners in a time of 5:23:16. In his own words:

“That was a good laugh; massive climbs, wading through knee-high bogs, and a sprinkling of rain as the cherry on top.

Struggled to maintain a reasonable pace, due to the ever-changing terrain; especially the wet rock slabs – the mudclaws were useless on this section, but incredible for the rest of the run.”


Laurie Johnson -