NS Poly Grand Prix, 7th February 2023

Some Claremont Road Runners are very good at handicaps! Lena Lou romped home first in the 6th event of the North Shields Poly Grand Prix this season, winning by a massive margin of over 90 seconds. This was the second time Lena has won this season, so she clearly knows how to work the handicapping. Not only did we have a winner on the night, but Dave Roberts has now zoomed back to the top of the leader board in the individual competition. Dave is another handicap specialist, having won our own quarterly competition on more than one occasion.

It was a good turnout for both Claremont teams, each having 7 of their 8 team members present, and a very pleasant evening for a run along the coast. In fact, it was so mild and so lacking in wind, that you had to check the calendar to really believe it was 7th February and look at the landmarks to accept that we really were on the North East coast.

The high turnout obviously helped Rock’s Stars in their continued climb up the league table and, after a slow start, they have progressed to 16th place. The Full Claremonty have been more consistent and sit in an impressive 3rd place.

PositionRunnerTeamHandicapRace TimeRun Time
1Lena LouRock’s Stars01:3035:1833:48
15Rachel HurdmanThe Full Claremonty10:3039:0528:35
24Luke WoodendRock’s Stars11:1039:3128:21
56Dave RobertsThe Full Claremonty16:5039:5723:07
57Rose HawkswooodRock’s Stars03:5039:5736:07
76Nina JensenThe Full Claremonty14:1040:1426:04
77Nicki O’BrienThe Full Claremonty16:1040:1524:05
118Mark AndersonRock’s Stars20:1040:5120:41
120Janet PalmerRock’s Stars08:3040:5232:22
130Maria DueñasRock’s Stars16:5041:0124:11
132Paul RobinsonRock’s Stars19:5041:0221:12
126Tara HipwoodThe Full Claremonty12:3040:5728:27
138Tom TinsleyThe Full Claremonty19:1041:1222:02
167Laurie JohnsonThe Full Claremonty19:5043:2923:39
Tom Tinsley -