Food Bank Run, 20th February 2023

Last Monday saw our regular Coach Lane club night run incorporating our Food Bank Run, joining clubs across the country in support of their local community food banks. As our usual sessions don’t coincide with the opening times, runners set off across the Moor carrying what they could and deposited their donations in my car before heading off into the night to complete their routes. First to arrive was the 10+ short run group, followed by the C25K runners and then the groups arrived thick and fast with the final speedy group achieving efficient non-stop, run-by donations. There were more bags to collect from the university sports centre, filling the back seat as well as the boot!

On Friday morning, Gill and Mary joined me on a trip the Newcastle West End food bank warehouse, where we were joined by Tom who had run there. Our trolley-full weighed in at 55kg (more than some of our runners!) and all your donations will be well used in the on-going work of the largest food bank in the country, distributing them through 7 centres across the city. It would be nice to see this need become a thing of the past but I think it might well become a regular fixture for a while yet.

Thanks to all for their generosity and enthusiastic support!

Tom Tinsley -