Leicestershire Half Marathon, 26th February 2023

In the thick of her marathon training, Kimberley Metson hasn’t held back from entering various races, this week it was a half marathon in Leicestershire:

“It was a slightly stressful lead up to race. An early start driving up from Essex, and a couple of wrong turns, resulted in my warm-up being a quick dash to the start line.

I had planned to run with a 1:50 pacer as per my training plan. However, with no pacers on the route I had to put in the extra work myself to keep pace (how rude!). I nestled in with what I perceived to look like ‘2 hour half marathon runners’ and went out about 90 seconds after the gun start time.

The route took us through the Preswold Hall grounds and included a couple of laps around the race circuit. There were a few undulations and slight head wind at times, but feeling strong at six miles, I decided to keep my pace under 8 min/mile and pushed on through to the end. Maintained a steady pace throughout and bagged myself a PB (1:42:36) which I am super pleased with.

Leicestershire half was well organised and a beautiful setting for a long run. Would strongly recommend if anyone is interested and in the area in the future.”

Kimberley also confessed that her pose in the accompanying photo, was a confused mash-up of the signature poses of Sir Mo Farah and Usain Bolt. The Mobolt, if you will.

Laurie Johnson -