Lisbon half-marathon, 12th March 2023

Lynne Cornell flew south to avoid the recent cold weather and go running in sunnier climes. In fact, she ran in the Lisbon half-marathon:

“I did this race today and it was amazing. Not my fastest half (chip 1:52:25) but certainly the hottest!! Even the locals were saying it was warm. The ice-lolly at the end was most welcome! I discovered this race in October when chatting to the waiter in a restaurant who spotted a running t-shirt I had on. His advice was if you like running try the Lisbon half-it is great. He wasn’t wrong. The start of the race is on 25th April Bridge which is usually not open to pedestrians and finishes at the Jeronimos Monastery. Stunning. Very well organised including free public transport to the start of the race and again at the end.”

Tom Tinsley -