Gateshead 10K & Half-Marathon, 30th April 2023

A wet, miserable Sunday morning greeted the all-female Claremont contingent at Gateshead Stadium for this year’s 10K and half-marathon. Still, cool and wet are not necessarily bad conditions for running, and there were some good performances from the ladies.

Anneliza Andreadi was running her first-ever 10K and finished tired but happy to meet her target of running inside 55 minutes. Rachel Hurdman also commented that it “went better than expected after being ill with cold”. Clare McKitterick also ran well to complete the trio in the 10K.

We also had 3 representatives in the half-marathon and, again, had some very happy runners. Lena Lou said that she had hoped to finish in under 2:40 and a small part of her hoped for 2:30. She smashed both targets. Kat Truong simply said “Yay, I did it. Absolutely chuffed with 2:06”. Our third runner, Liz Denyer was pulled along to a fast start by the 10K runners and paid for it on the hills a bit later, but still got very close to the 1:50 mark. Well done, all!

159Clare McKitterick50:40
241Rachel Hurdman54:28
244Anneliza Andreadi54:52
363LIz Denyer1:51:26
644Kat Truong2:06:05
843Lena Lou2:25:21
Tom Tinsley -