Kymijoki-Kymppi, Finland, 20th July 2023

While on holiday in Finland, Nina Jensen found a 10K race by accident (as you do), so of course she entered it! Sounds like it had the best goody bag and prize list ever! Here is Nina’s report:

“I thought I’d send you a photo from my 10k race, Kymijoki-Kymppi, I found by accident when holidaying in Finland (hence no CRR shirt – note to self always pack it just in case). The run was an out and back along a cycle track described on the website as fast and flat. There was a fast club event earlier in the evening with the course record broken (it was completed in 31 mins). My race was a gang of about 30 who quickly spread along the cycle path. We were firstly treated to a lovely warm sunny evening but then a torrential downpour (seems to be a common theme with the recent races!). My shoes quickly filled with water and I sloshed the rest of the way around.

Unfortunately I didn’t win a prize which I could have chosen some tree loppers, a smoke alarm, some washing up liquid amongst other things. However the goody bag contained a t shirt, buff, loaf of bread, milk shake and some licorice cream sauce!”

Tom Tinsley -