Run Nation Dalton Park 10 Miler, 20th August 2023

Well done to Kimberley Metson and Maria Duenas for finishing as 1st and 2nd ladies in the Run Durham Dalton Park 10 Miler. Thanks also to Maria for sending this summary of the day:

“I had been holding onto a Run Nation credit since a race was cancelled back in 2020 due to the pandemic, so I welcomed the opportunity when Kimberley suggested signing up for the Dalton Park 10 Miler. The race’s description promised a “fantastic multi-terrain course…featuring a nice blend of trail and tarmac”, however, the reality fell short of this expectation. The race kicked off atop a hill along a trail path next to the Morrison car park (within the Dalton Park Retail Centre). The race started by going down this hill on a very narrow path. Much to my surprise, this was the only trail part of the route. The majority of the course turned out to be on tarmac so I’m glad I didn’t wear my trail shoes! The race continued along the pavement until the finish line, up the same hill where we started.

Given that my morning wasn’t going particularly well, I opted for a more relaxed mindset for the race, choosing not to push myself to my limits. Originally, Kimberley and I had planned to run the race together, but we haven’t managed to make this happen just yet, so I had a feeling it wouldn’t pan out this time.

 The route itself was somewhat dull although there were a few positive points:

  • Kimberley and I secured 1st and 2nd place, respectively, among the female runners!
  • The race’s proximity to a shopping centre brought unexpected benefits, such as access to real toilets (a luxury on race day) and the immediate opportunity to spend our prize money on some post-race retail therapy.
  • We had clear skies and abundant sunshine (although the heat and lack of shade created quite a challenge!)
  • The route featured multiple out-and-back sections so it was great to see all the runners, and exchange high-fives (figuratively and literally) with Kimberley at every pass.    

All in all, while the Dalton Park 10 Miler didn’t live up to the multi-terrain promise, it still led to an enjoyable Sunday, complete with Claremont victories!”

11 (1st female)Kimberley Metson1:13:08
13 (2nd female)Maria Duenas1:13:45
Tom Tinsley -