Great North 5K, 8th September 2023

This Friday night 5K has become the traditional opener to Great North Run weekend, Six Claremonters ran in this one and Yue Zhao has sent this report:

I first ran the Great North 5K last year and it was the 1st event that I ran after I’d finished the Couch to 5K. It was a great experience as at that time, Shilpa was kind enough to run with me and to tell me all about the running events. From that time, I then knew the goody bag can’t be collected before the race.

This year we try it again and as same as last year it was a good atmosphere and a great turnout. The route is very scenic, starts in Quayside and across the Swing Bridge and run along the river in Gateshead side until the 2nd bridge after the blue bridge for the metro. Then run back and across the Millennium Bridge to Quayside again and then to the roundabout before the cycle hub. Return and run in the street that is parallel to Quayside and merge to Quayside again from the back of Pitcher and Piano for the last 200-300 meter. 

The weather was hot and we were sweaty, attached photos to show how tidy/pretty we were before the run and how sweaty we were after the run. However, we both happy with our time, specially running in such heat. –Even Shilpa thought that was hot. 

Helen was with us as well, I believe she would be happy for her time too, as she was just behind of Shilpa. All of us have been over taken by a man carried a wheely bin in his back, however, we were in front of the guys/girls that wear a giraffe (?) costume. –bless them

We also had a chance to observe the super human, aka, the elites, running their UK Road Championships. And to be amazed by their time and the crazy warm ups.

Have to say the T-shirt this year is a better quality and with bright red color, instead of blue. Making people who wear it stands out. lol  

If someone is looking for a good Friday night out, I would recommend to join this!   Also as a bonus, there are plenty of choices of bar and restaurant around Quayside for the post-run celebration. But, would not recommend Slug and Lettuce if you are not in your 20s, as it will make you feel old.   Attached a photo of our celebration, like Shilpa said we celebrated as if it was a marathon.

156Nicki O’Brien22:36
162Heather Steel22:39
348Michael Teasdale26:02
687Shilpa Iyanna31:35
750Helen Gavillet33:03
805Yue Zhao33:57
Tom Tinsley -