Isle of Wight Marathon, 8th October 2023

While those of us in the North East have been wondering where this heatwave was, Chris Jones found it on the south coast. I think he would rather not have, as he was there to run a marathon! Here is his report:

“Being someone who really doesn’t like running in the heat, I thought that an October marathon on the Isle of Wight would be a safe bet for a cool run. Plus my parents live on the other side of the Solent and I could do the Fareham parkrun the day before. But who can predict the weather these days? It was blue skies, full sun, 23C and hardly a breath of wind. A lovely day for the beach but just about my worst conditions for a long run. It’s an undulating course, very rural with some great views of coast and hills. Apparently the oldest continuously run UK marathon now. I plodded through the second half as the heat built up and the hills took their toll, but was delighted with my 3hr 53 min time in the circumstances.”

Tom Tinsley -