A piece of Claremont history

Many thanks to Bill Milbourne for unearthing this newspaper article about Claremont Road Runners. Though the exact date is unknown, we think that it is from the late 1980s. It makes a very interesting read – click on each page below to read more easily.

Some things haven’t changed – the club still meets on Mondays and Wednesdays, and is now back at Newcastle University’s Sports Centre. The article talks about Claremont being welcoming to new runners – something that I believe is still very much a strength. However, we are still probably “not the club to join if you have serious intentions of competing on the track or in 6 or 12 man relays”.

I also like to think that we are still a sociable club, though it sounds like we will have to up our game at the Christmas party!

Not surprisingly, we also still have women training alongside the men, something that surprised the author at the time. I won’t comment on the “number of presentable and shapely forms” – the casual sexism acceptable 30+ years ago would get me in big trouble nowadays!

Tom Tinsley -