Christmas Party, 11th December 2023

The run this Monday was a shorter, festive affair on a route that gave runners the chance to see the sights and lights of the City Centre. Then it was a quick change and off to the North Terrace for this year’s Christmas party.

There was a fairly splendid and generous buffet and the usual presentations and diversions, including a quiz and a raffle. Tom had devised the quiz on the theme of North East running – though mainly about Claremont Road Runners and parkrun, which, after all, should be our specialist subjects. The raffle had to be done in 3 stages in order to save drawer fatigue, as members had contributed so many items (many of which appeared to be alcoholic!).

Joyce Archibold was there to present the Colin Archibold Trophy to this year’s winner, Julie Cross (20 years after Julie last won it!). Joyce then pulled Mark Anderson’s name out of the hat to secure him his place in next year’s London Marathon. For many, the highlight of the evening is always Jamie Harding’s Personality of the Year presentations. The overall winner was Sarah Kerr, largely due to her fashion sense and navigational skills (or lack thereof!).

Many thanks to Anna Round for organising the event and making sure everything ran smoothly on the night.

Tom Tinsley -