Wild Deer Training Session, 18th February 2024

Not a race review as such but Nina Jensen, Lynne Cornell and Anne Smith did a Wild Deer training session this weekend that is probably of interest to a lot of club members.

Here’s Nina’s brief review:

Three Claremonters joined a large group of runners in Chopwell Woods on a beautiful morning to do the inaugural Wild Deer Trail Running training session. The event was free and sponsored by Scott who were handing out trail shoes for people to try. The runners was split into 2 groups and a bit like Weds at Claremont, intervals were planned. Following a mile warm up run the 2 groups rejoined to run 5 x 3 min at 5k pace along the various trails. Following that we were led to a different part of the woods and the 2 groups split again, each doing a version of hill efforts. Smiles and chat were the order of the day despite our lungs burning and clouds of steam appearing around us each time we stopped. Following a final regroup for a photo, the cool down run was split into the straight forward route back to the car park or a longer route that was a bit more technical in parts (read gnarly paths full or tree routes and mud!) We chose the longer route to make the most of our morning and had a lovely chatty run back to the cars comparing notes and Wild Deer events we’d done with others.

All in all a great morning and if Dan does another one of these sessions I would highly recommend attending (I’ll try and remember to post on Spond if I spot it!) 
Tom Tinsley -