Caixabank Mitja Marató XXXI, 24th March 2024

While most of us are enjoying the freezing ‘Spring’ weather in the North East, Lynne Cornell was running in a slightly warmer Palma, in Spain:

“My first half marathon as a pensioner and what a lovely run. Collected my race number and t-shirt on Friday from El Cortes Ingles department store.

Sunday morning; the race start was just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Slightly cool (that didn’t last long) so sported a bin liner until the very last minute. No pre-race announcement in English, but got the gist of what was going on and ended up in the right place on the start line. The 10k had started 30 minutes before us.

The countdown started and at 9:30 we were off. Spectacular start at the Parc de la Mar in front of the cathedral. A 2 lap race that takes in Paseo Marítimo, Paseo Sagrera, Levante Highway and the centre of Palma – a lovely run along the coast and back and then do it all again. Great to see Steve and our friend Wendy at the half way point.

Spectacular finish also at the Parc de la Mar and a medal, a banana and a can of beer at the end. A really great race which I so enjoyed.”

Well done Lynne, finishing in a really good time of 1:50:06.

Laurie Johnson -