London Marathon, 21st April 2024

For many, this is “the” marathon and 7 Claremont Road Runners were lucky enough to take part this year. For some it was their first every marathon and all had their own targets, but I think that they have all done themselves and the club proud! Here are some of their thoughts and experiences:

Lynne Cornell: “My reasons for doing the London Marathon this year were different to the one I ran in 2019. I wanted to do a marathon in the year I was 60 and was lucky enough to be drawn out of the ballot, plus I wanted to do something for Sarcoma UK who have been so supportive to Steve and I over the last 3 years.

I went to collect my race number on Friday from the Expo and to see the team from Sarcoma, then off to the accommodation (which will be lovely when it’s finished!!! That’s another story!)

Saturday saw us do a recce of the walk from the accommodation to the start at Blackheath, then into London to the Lego store in Leicester Square to design a figure of me in Lego!!!

Then it was Sunday – the day had arrived. I felt incredibly nervous although I had done the training. Steve and I walked to the start and as we parted I heard something about a full English breakfast!!!! Gel for me! I dropped my bag off at the baggage lorry then found a fellow Sarcoma runner so we chatted for a while. Quite cold and I was glad of the old top and trousers I had taken to ditch at the start.

Then at 10:41 we were off. There is nothing quite like London in terms of support, apart from maybe the Great North Run. People shouting your name all the time does help. A route full of highlights – running over Tower Bridge was a truly amazing feeling and I felt great until mile 20!!! The last 6 miles weren’t easy for me and I had to have a severe word with myself at mile 22 and remind myself why I was doing this!! I dug deep and just focused on not stopping running and putting one foot in front of the other.

Eventually I found myself on the Mall and the end was in sight. So pleased I have been able to do this and meeting up with Steve at the end was great. Bless him – he had been at both Sarcoma cheering stations and I hadn’t seen or heard him even though he was yelling! Warm clothes were quickly put over running gear and the priority was to then find a cup of tea which tasted like nectar.

A really good day if I ignore the last 6 miles!!!! Some would say they were character building!!! Not my finest marathon but I got round-eventually!”

Niamh Garratt: “That was the most difficult yet most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.”

Aoife Monaghan: “Can’t really quite explain the emotions I’m feeling after my first EVER marathon. Feels like all the early long runs, gym sessions and maybe even the injuries were worth it. P.S. if you think I’m crying writing this, you’re right.”

1836Jack Shawcross2:50:40
4925Mark Anderson3:08:18
8805Kimberley Metson3:25:54
10160Jim Crinnion3:29:51
23692Lynne Cornell4:09:03
24623Aoífe Monaghan4:12:08
38791Niamh Garratt4:59:54
Tom Tinsley -