The Club Handicap


The Claremont Road Runners Club Handicap Race takes place four times a year, once in each season – the autumn and winter events are held on the Quayside course, the spring and summer events use the Town Moor course.

Quayside Course (4.02m)

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Start on quayside path at the eastern end of the Copthorne Hotel. At the eastern end of the hotel the lamppost near the middle of the path marks the start/finish line. There is a tree in line with the lamppost nearer the hotel. The run follows the quayside path westwards for about two miles. Near the far end cross the large riverside car park near the Newcastle Business Park and follow the footpath up the slope of William Armstrong Drive until the ‘grassy knoll’ is reached.  Turn around behind the Hadrian’s path sign, on the far side of the knoll, nearly at Scotswood road. Return by the same route to finish at the lamppost at the far end of the Copthorne Hotel.

Fastest Men
1Peter Newton23/10/0620:22
2Jonny Evans29/10/1821:17
3Kris Axon25/10/2121:29
Fastest Women
1Angela Hibbs25/01/1023:09
2Catherine Young28/10/1924:50
3Hannah Mainprize29/01/1825:19

Town Moor Course (3m)

Start off running south from a line on a footpath near the bandstand in Exhibition Park, turning right to follow the path around the tennis courts, before aiming straight ahead towards a gateway in the park hedgeline leading out onto the Town Moor.  Continue along the tarmac road, turning right to take the path leading to the cross-paths junction at the centre of the Moor.  At this junction, turn left and continue until the path meets the worn, grassy trail path coming down from the hills in the corner of the Moor. Follow this trail across the top of the two hills, and continue on towards the Grandstand Road footpath passing through the gateways at either side of the plantation.  Turning right downhill at Grandstand Road, follow the footpath around the outside of the Town Moor beyond the Kenton Road junction to the Blue House roundabout.  Turn right again to continue along down the Great North Road footpath all the way to Exhibition Park.  The finish line is on a path just before reaching the bandstand.

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Fastest Men
1Peter Newton18/07/0515:32
2Graeme Taylor09/05/1115:35
3Kris Axon25/04/2216:21
Fastest Women
1Angela Hibbs30/04/0718:20
2Sarah Kerr25/04/2220:05
3Megan Murdoch29/07/1320:18


  • Race Winner’s Shield (club members only) 
  • Knockout Cup (click here to see how it works)

The Individual and Knockout Cups are handed on by the current holders to the new claimants at the presentation after each race .

As well as the handicap trophies, there are the following additional prizes:

  • Handicap winner, knockout winner:
    a small packet of chocolate biscuits each.
  • Handicap runner up, knockout runner up:
    a small packet of plain biscuits each.

    If biscuit winners are not there to receive their prizes, their biscuits will be passed around the club members who are there.