Keeping fit and active is one of the best defences against Covid-19, both physically and mentally. Claremont Road Runners are happy to encourage socially distanced training sessions for those interested.

We are guided on what is permissible and how to train by England Athletics ( and Rise (

We suggest that when current guidance permits you use email, Facebook etc to arrange to meet with others and run together. So far, during the Covid epidemic, socially distant training sessions have permitted limited numbers to run together (first six individuals, then later just two individuals).

Guidance for running with others during the Covid pandemic

  1. Maintain social distance and remain at least 2 metres from others.
  2. If you are feeling at all unwell then please do not run.
  3. Consider if your health, or someone you live with, places you in a more vulnerable category with respect to Covid. Decide whether it is appropriate for you to take part in group sessions. Government advice is available online.
  4. It is everyone’s responsibility to obey social distancing rules. If you feel others are not sticking to the rules, then say something.
  5. There will be no toilet or changing facilities at sessions, so arrive ready to run.
  6. Consider how if you suffer an injury, you will you get home or first aid? You may want to carry cash, a card or first aid kit
  7. If you have not trained for some time, then take it easy to begin with. Injuries are much more common if you have had a period of less stressful training.
  8. If you test positive for Covid-19 after running with others, then please inform the club secretary (, who will let those you have run with know.  As we run in a covid-safe environment, contact with others should be minimal, and the risk of infection should be small.

Running Risk Assessment

Hazard Risk Precaution Revised risk
The coronavirus is transmitted by infected persons exhaling droplets containing viral particles. High Assume everyone you meet is infectious. Stay alert and maintain social distancing. Low
The virus can stay alive on various surfaces for several days. High Do not touch anything unnecessarily. Do not touch any your face without removing your gloves or washing your hands first. Low
Exercising near an infected person for an extended period greatly increases the risk of inhaling the virus. High Do not run directly behind another runner. If you have to run in line, allow at least 4 metres from the runner in front. This can be reduced if you run diagonally behind them. Where space allows, run alongside each other rather than in line Low
Although a runner is moving too quickly to have a significant risk of being infected by pedestrians etc that they pass, runners can leave a cloud of infected aerosol vapour behind that could infect others High Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres from other road/footpath users.  Give warning of approach so that others can take avoiding action if they wish Low