The Colin Archibold Memorial Trophy

Colin and Joyce Archibold joined Claremont Road Runners in the club’s relatively early days, in about 1985 after seeing a group of blue-vested runners (a good reason for everyone to wear their club vests on training nights!).  In later years, their daughter, Judith, and son-in-law, Jeremy Smith, have also been members.  Colin was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and he passed away in 1998.  According to Joyce, during those two years he particularly enjoyed the friendship and support of the Club; Del used to buy him a Guiness every Monday night to “keep his strength up”.


Joyce said she didn’t come to the club or do any running for a while after he died, but when members of the committee contacted her to ask permission to institute this trophy in memory of Colin, it brought her back to running and to Claremont.   This beautiful glass trophy is given to the first Claremont member to finish the Coastal Race, formerly called the Phoenix Fourteen, which was Colin’s favourite race to do.  The trophy is presented to the recipient each year at the Claremont Christmas party, alternately to the first man or to the first lady.  All of us who knew Colin feel that presenting this trophy – and lifting a pint – are fitting ways to keep his remembrance.

2019 winner Sarah Kerr receives her trophy from Joyce
1999Ben Hull
2000Jane Saul
2001No race due to foot and mouth disease
2002Dave Saunders
2003Julie Cross
2004Alasdair Wilson Craw
2005Rachel Kerr
2006Jason Mellor
2007Alice Silvester-Roffe
2008Tim Pigott
2009Kate Sergeant
2010Nick Cooper
2011Lorna Pearson
2012Brendan McMillan
2013Kate Sergeant
2014Jeremy Smith
2015Julie Dumpleton
2016Roberto Marzo
2017Alex Anslow
2018Roberto Marzo
2019Sarah Kerr
2020No race due to coronavirus pandemic
2021 No race due to coronavirus pandemic