Monday Night Training Runs

There are two regular club sessions each week – on Mondays we have a long run in groups, whereas Wednesdays are more structured training sessions.

A typical Monday night run lasts for about an hour.  To enable us to cater for a wide range of abilities, we operate a pack system, ie slow, medium and fast packs.

We have a number of well-trodden routes, starting and finishing at the Sports Centre and taking in areas all over the City.  The summer months allow us to take advantage of our beautiful local parks such as Jesmond Dene, but we stick to well-lit streets in the winter! A typical run can be between 6.5 and 8 miles, but shorter versions of each route are available.

Whilst we are always open to new suggestions for training routes, below is a selection of our favourite Monday night runs.  Click on the name for maps and route descriptions.

The Kenton Cow
Up Claremont Road and across the paths to Cowgate. Then a bit of a climb to Kenton Bar, before a downhill stretch through Kenton and around the edge of the Town Moor.

Coach Lane
To South Gosforth, then along Benton Park Road to Coach Lane and back via Armstrong Bridge and Sandyford Road.

Chillingham Road
Up Chillingham Road, through Heaton and back via the Freeman Hospital and Gosforth.

Riverside Route
On this route we’re ganning alang the Scotswood before a scenic return along the banks of the Tyne.

Denton Bank
This is a toughie! A steep climb up Denton Bank, but the last couple of miles are downhill! Everyone’s favourite!?

Gosforth Flats
This route has summer and winter variants.  The summer version goes through nice off road paths between fields and the golf course.

Ouseburn Trail
This pleasant summer run takes us along the Ouseburn into Jesmond Dene.

The Baltic
One of our longer runs, down to the Tyne and over the Millennium Bridge.  In summer we run along the riverside paths, in winter it is through the industrial area, before looping aroung Gateshead Stadium.  The mini-route does a short loop in the other direction on the Gateshead side.

Wills and the Dene
A nice summer run past the Wills Factory (in the longer version), along paths and back through Jesmond Dene.

Two Parks
A lovely tour of Newcastle parks – Heaton Park, Armstrong Park, Jesmond Dene and Paddy Freeman’s, though the shorter version doesn’t get as far as Paddy Freeman’s.

Moor and Dene
Another summer route,  where we loop around the Town Moor, then head back up the Great North Road before looping back down Jesmond Dene Road.  The shorter version doesn’t go all the way back up the North Road before returning through Jesmond.

Salters Road
A loop around Gosforth and Jesmond.

Paradise and Back
Here we go to Paradise – shame they paved it and put up a parking lot, though we do get some nice views of the Tyne Valley.  With the shorter version, in the words of Billy Fury, you are taken “Halfway to Paradise”.

Fenham Flyer
A loop around the west end of the city with a lovely hill to climb in the longer version!

Alice’s Blank Spot

A new route in honour of Alice, who has recently emigrated to Australia.

Around the Moors
A tour of the Town Moor, Nun’s Moor and Dukes Moor – rarely run as the ground can be bumpy.

Gateshead Hills
Not a Monday night route, but a tough hill session popular with some members.