Wednesday Night Interval Training

Wednesday nights are for more structured training planned by one of the experienced club leaders.  Sessions are varied with short intervals to help us get faster, hills to help us get stronger, longer intervals to build speed endurance and even the odd boot-camp.

All sessions are mixed ability.  We make use of the local parks in the summer months and the paths and hills on both sides of the Tyne, and provide a varied programme so that there should be something for everybody.  The plans below are examples – leaders do vary them based on weather, location or just for a change!  (Click on name for a detailed plan).

Hill Training

Gateshead Hills – Riverside Park
Gateshead Hills – Baltic Version
Town Moor Hills
Leazes Hills
Leazes Park Hills and Sprints
Generic Hill Training

Sprint Intervals

200 Metre Sprints
400m intervals
Let’s Count Lampposts (Fartlek)
Round and Round the Lake We Go
Leazes Park Intervals

Pyramid Sessions

Pyramid of Bridges
Timed Pyramid
Mayan Pyramid

Endurance & Mixed Sessions

800m Repeats
Jesmond Dene With a Happy Ending
The Legendary Abutment (Actual or Covid-19 version)
The Agony and the BBC
Baltic Mile
Endurance Intervals

A bit of fun
Nina’s Christmas Cracker

Runners’ Bootcamps
We don’t usually do these on Wednesdays anymore, but they are exercises that you may want to do yourself (or give you good ideas for strength and conditioning training).
Runners Bootcamp
Bootcamp (Tabata Style)
Another Runners Bootcamp
Anywhere Bootcamp 1
Lockdown Bootcamp No. 2