Newcastle parkrun 3rd Anniversary 19/01/13

So, with all the snowfall recently, we were never going to come close to last week’s attendance record but the hardcore regulars still turned out for a glorious anniversary run. The moor looked absolutely beautiful covered in a huge blanket of snow and while it was hard going, I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

There was a presentation at the Royal Grammar School afterwards, with awards given to the male and female points winners and the all-important volunteers. Tony Phoenix-Morrison gave an inspiring speech about his adventures with the fridge. One thing he said towards the end I felt bears mentioning. Whatever the weather, get out there and go for a run because you might start out feeling terrible, but you’ll always finish feeling great. So true.

There was some talk of another parkrun starting up in Newcastle soon because the moor can only accommodate so many runners and I think we’ve just about hit the limit. So watch this space.

Time      Name
22:01     Jeremy Smith
22:17     Sumanth Nayak
24:40     Roberto Marzo
24:50     Matthew Kingston
25:54     Mungai Wairia
41:48     Lorna Pearson

Gateshead parkrun:

28:12     Dave Manners