parkrun, 22nd June 2019

With Newcastle parkrun cancelled due to The Hoppings, we were a bit more spread around the North East (and further afield) this week. Three Claremonters – Sumanth Nayak, Dave Wotton and David Devennie – benefited by getting course PBs. Well done!

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:27 Dean O’Brien
22:41 Chris Gillie
25:51 Alex Anslow
26:19 Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

20:08 Paul Robinson
21:02 Sarah Kerr
21:04 Catherine Young
22:39 Heather Steel
26:24 Clare McKitterick
32:13 Dave Manners

Sedgefield parkrun

26:56 Dave Wotton (PB)

Darlington South Park parkrun

23:57 Alan Dunning

Gibside parkrun

21:15 Sumanth Nayak (PB)
27:06 Graham Leslie

Ruchill parkrun

29:31 Maria Duenas

Penrith parkrun

28:17 Marie Slack

Rising Sun parkrun

22:29 David Devennie (PB)
24:36 Nina Jentl

Poolbeg parkrun

19:14 Daniel Mourenza

Tyne Green parkrun

21:51 Mungai Wairia