Leas Marathon, South Shields, 23rd February 2020

The Leas Marathon is another of the North East Marathon Club’s multi-lap courses that allow the runner to choose how many laps they run. For this event on the Leas in South Shields, 2 laps would be a half-marathon, 4 for a full one. Three Claremont Road Runners chose to complete 4 laps and so do a full marathon:

4:58:23Mungai Wairia
5:03:53Clare McKitterick
5:52:31Lena Webster-Costella

Kat Truong ran 2.5 laps to do more than half a marathon in a time of 2:59:11 – the cold must have been a shock poor Kat as she has just got back from Thailand!

As well as the runners, a number of Claremonters supported the event by marshaling and look as though they enjoyed it by the photos. Well done, everybody!