Edinburgh Marathon, 26th May 2024

The Edinburgh Marathon is a popular event to which always attracts a number of North East runners. This year, two of our own were amongst those to head north of the border. They encountered what some might say was typical bank holiday weather (or typical Scottish weather!), and it was a wet and chilly morning. In fact, the Edinburgh Evening News described it as a “gruelling race” with thousands of runners having to “weather the storm” and “brave the pouring rain”.

Perhaps a bit less dramatically, Francesco Carrer said it was “very wet at the beginning and after the end”! Overall Francesco was pleased with his time, even though he found it tough.

It was a family affair for Charlotte Johnston as she ran with her sisters, Flora and Annabel, the three of them finishing together.

Well done to all!

4659Francesco Carrer4:13:11
5701Charlotte Johnston4:26:20
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