Liverpool Marathon 14/10/12

Congratulations to Saiful and Pierre for completing the Liverpool Marathon. This was Pierre’s last race in a Claremont vest as he’s going back to France. Great having you with us Pierre! Pos 491 623 Name Pierre Henri-Lanoe Saiful Sazalli Time 3:36:43 3:42:58

Newcastle parkrun 13/10/12

Another glorious, sunny morning at Toonrun. Being the stats nerd that I am, I couldn’t help notice that a Claremonter finished in every minute from 18 to 27 barring three. Fascinating! Time      Name 18:29     Jeremy Smith 19:10     Luke Bryant 20:11     Paul Robinson 21:10     Tim Pigott 23:50     Chris Hogarth 24:41     Dave Kear 27:07     Sionna McCutcheon

Kielder Marathon 07/10/12

Pos 199 254 371 489 561 Name Sumanth Nayak Paul Hughes Adrian Conlin Jonathan Mains Mungai Wairia Time 3:51:15 3:57:43 4:08:13 4:19:52 4:27:32   Report by Sumanth Nayak Kielder marathon, round 2. Rumble in the…..lake? This was my first attempt at the marathon distance last year and it completely broke me. I hadn’t done any …

Newcastle parkrun 06/10/12

There was a record turnout of 376 runners on a gloriously sunny morning. Toonrun is going from strength to strength despite the start of four other parkruns in the region. Had the people who ran the Big Fun Run 5k at 11am done (free) parkrun instead, we would have had in excess of 500! Time      …

Redcar Half Marathon – 30th September 2012

Two Claremonters finished the Redcar half on Sunday with very respectable times: 166 612 1:33:51 Paul Hughes M 35 CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS 170 1:33:37 213 675 1:36:17 Gavin Robinson M CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS 212 1:35:54   Well done!

Sherman Cup & Davison Shield Cross-Country 29/09/12

Sherman Cup Pos 13 115 118 146 156 163 205 Name Brendan McMillan Duncan Scott Matthew Kingston Jeremy Smith Chris Jones Paul Robinson Graham Leslie Time 32:46 37:44 37:50 39:07 39:30 39:49 42:30   Davison Shield Pos 46 Name Mandy Herworth Time 29:24

Newcastle parkrun 29/09/12

It was another sunny but very windy morning at parkrun. A few of the regulars were missing as they were taking part in the first cross-country of the season later in the afternoon. Time      Name 20:12     Sumanth Nayak 22:16     Charlotte Spencer 23:49     Chris Hogarth 25:53     Terry Welsh 27:54     Sionna McCutcheon 28:41     Elisabeth Stoddart 30:22     Tom …

Newcastle parkrun 22/09/12

There was a huge turnout on a very cold but sunny morning. Newcastle parkrun had the most registrants in the country this week. No prizes for guessing why. Well done to Graham Leslie for setting a second consecutive PB, taking ten seconds off his previous time. He looked absolutely ecstatic at the finish. Time      Name …

Great North Run 2012 Photos

Great North Run 16/09/12

Pos 152 437 1079 1644 1748 2327 2953 3213 3528 4017 5587 8507 8680 9046 9789 9790 12081 14054 16413 17250 18709 23454 Name Jonathan Clare Jeremy Smith Megan Murdoch Catherine Young Paul Robinson Jenny Kilcourse Saiful Abu Charlotte Spencer Sarah Kerr Nina Jensen Tracey Etherington Chris Hogarth Terry Welsh David Reay Dean O Brien …